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Tired of having Turtle-like internet connection? Step into the Light®!

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Why choose Lightspeed?

Lightspeed is a private company that provides fiber-optic high speed internet to home and business owners. We know the frustration of having slow internet speeds for such a high price in this country. Consumers are stuck with only a few ISPs that are playing the same cards so we are glad to step in and change the game and make the internet a better, yet affordable, place. Check out our Plans & Promos to see what we brought on the table.

Light® up your home

Connect your home to the internet with our Home Deluxe® 20 Mbps for only $14.99/month.

  • No monthly data cap
  • No hidden charges
  • Free intsallation

*2-year lock in

*One-time modem fee

Always on the go?

Worry no more about being disconnected while on the go. Mobile Premium® 5 Mbps can be yours for only $9.99/month with free advanced pocket wifi device that could handle 10 wireless connections.

  • No monthly data cap
  • No hidden charges
  • Free PocketLight®

*1-year lock in

For your growing business

Time is money. Forget the slow internet speeds from other providers and step right into the future of data transfering. With Business Startup®, modernize your operation and get 10 Gbps for only $59.99/month. Never get disconnected again!

  • No monthly data cap
  • No hidden charges

*3-year lock in